Sleep Factory Outlet
Love the way you sleep.

For over 30 Years of experience, knowledge, and manufacturing Sleep Factory Outlet has been synonymous with sleep. Our vast experience has helped us create product's of unsurpassed support, long lasting comfort and unmatched durability. From advanced inner-springs mattress to our use of high density foams, latex, memory foam, and gel. We offer you more ways to wake up refreshed and revitalized. Sleep Factory Outlet consistently invests into innovative features to ensure durability, quality, and comfort to each and every mattress we sell. We are committed to your sleep wellness. In fact, we believe every one can improve the way they sleep. Some of the many types of mattresses that we manufacture are; Pillow Top, Euro Top, Tight Top, Latex, Memory, Gel, Hotel Motel, Institution, Hospital, Adjustable, Foam, Boat and RV mattresses, and we also custom make to your specifications.